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Cemeteries: From Stunning Spaces to Inspiring Memorials

A place of reflection for you, and for generations to come.

Cemeteries provide lasting memorials and permanent tributes to your loved ones. They are also beautifully maintained and protected green spaces that invite families and friends to find solace and comfort. To reminisce and reflect. And even to reconnect with family tradition and heritage.

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Every Arbor location is as distinct as the community that surrounds it. Our gardens are no exception, with each one reflecting the needs and wishes of different burial and memorial customs. We offer traditional burial sections, many with upright granite monuments or flat bronze markers, in addition to a collection of unique cremation burial options.

Crypts & Mausoleums

A crypt is an above ground burial space that may be found inside a large community mausoleum or in a smaller, custom-designed family mausoleum. In addition to providing comfortable visitation in any season, spaces can be personalized and memorialized with bronze or marble plaques, vases, lamps, bronze frames or ceramic pictures.


A memorial is the commemoration of a life while serving as a focal point for visits by families and friends. The number of memorial options available is inspiring, allowing you to personalize the memory of a loved one in many ways. You can choose from traditional memorials, such as upright granite monuments and flush-to-the-ground bronze markers, in addition to above-ground columbarium niches, garden benches, trees, nature rocks, pedestals, pillars and birdbaths. The addition of pictures, etchings of memorable scenes and engraved epitaphs can further individualize your memorial.

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Memorialization and personalization choices

A final resting place is a sacred space. Whether it’s elaborate or elegantly simple, it will be a place that friends and family members will visit for generations to come not only to grieve but also to honour and remember. Explore what memorialization and personalization options
are available when choosing your final resting space.

Arbor has cemeteries across Canada, offering you a wide range of options.

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