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Personalized Tributes
Celebrate a Life Well Lived

Throughout history, funeral services have played an important role in helping us say goodbye and ease the grieving process. Friend and family gather to pay their final respects, honouring and celebrating an individual life -- a unique and irreplaceable person. As family and friends gather at the service, they can support each other as they mourn their shared loss.  A meaningful service is a fitting tribute no matter if burial or cremation is selected.

Say More Than Just Goodbye

For some families, a traditional funeral may provide the most comfort. However, we invite you to be as original as you want.  Our specialists will work creatively and resourcefully to ensure your memorial is custom tailored to your needs. 

We offer serene visitation rooms where you can receive friends and family in a soothing environment.  Traditionally this is done before the funeral service, giving others a chance to offer one-on-one condolences, love and support. 

Planning a Service and Reception

Red Deer Funeral  Home & Crematorium features a beautifully appointed chapel that seats 150. But you don’t have to plan a conventional, clergy-led service. Today, the opportunity to honour your loved one reaches far beyond the classic readings and a eulogy.  Whether it’s showcasing dad’s prized motorcycle collection or serving cookies baked from grandmother’s famous recipe, discuss your ideas with us.  The possibilities are endless.

Here are some things that can help make sure the service is personalized:

  • Special interests, hobbies and characteristics you want to honour
  • Reminiscences to share
  • Close friends and relatives to invite
  • A spiritual leader to conduct the service
  • Those who may want to share a memory at the service
  • Favourite music to play at the ceremony and/or visitation
  • Favourite authors to read at the ceremony

Once the service is over, a reception or meal offers a time for family and friends to socialize and remember. Our lovely reception rooms, with catering services, provides the perfect setting for your event.

Online Tributes

Available free of charge, our exclusive online memorial site Sharing Memories provides the unique opportunity to honour your loved one with a personal tribute of words, pictures, video and more. Unlike traditional forms of memorial, your loved one's on-line profile can stay current and accessible always, from anywhere.

Helping You Cope with Grief

We understand the importance of support, and offer free AfterCare service to ensure you receive guidance and emotional counselling anytime you need it.  Our AfterCare professionals can also offer help with finalizing the estate. 

Planning Ahead

It can be difficult for those you leave behind to plan your funeral, with many choices to be made and expenses that can add up. Why not make it easy for them by pre-planning your own arrangements. Not only will you be able to design the service that you want, you will save money by paying in today’s dollars, while easing the strain on your family at a time of grief.

Plus, when you plan ahead you will receive many benefits, from the ability to transfer your arrangements to any Arbor Memorial location in Canada, to free funeral services for children and grandchildren under 19. Learn more about the benefits of pre-planning with Red Deer Funeral Home & Crematorium.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

  • Savings:  Planning early offers cost savings of up to thousands of dollars.
  • Reduce the burden on your family: Planning your final arrangements ahead of time reduces the responsibilities on your family at their time of distress.
  • Peace of mind: Gain comfort in knowing your plans are ready.
Choosing Your Funeral Service

When you plan ahead, your funeral service can be as elaborate or as elegantly simple as you wish. You’ll want to work with a facility that can offer a wide range of options, from a traditional church ceremony to a memorial celebration.  Find out more about choosing the service that’s right for you in this informative video.

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