A Time to RememberTM

Building your one-of-a-kind tribute
There’s a new way to celebrate a life

Pay tribute to your loved ones by creating a reflection of their life's passions. Customize your send-offs now.

Traveller - For the lover of adventure

Celebrate your loved one’s curiosity about the world and their devotion to discovery with a special tribute to their road well travelled.

Send Off - Create the perfect atmosphere with displays of globes, maps, travel posters, vacation photos, or videos. Complete the scene with authentic music from favourite destinations.

Cuisine - Choose an exotic theme that celebrates your loved one’s favourite ethnic cuisine.

Memento - Personalized luggage tags or a small photo album with a travel pic inside are perfect as a special keepsake for guests.

Baker & Chef - For the lover of food

When your loved one’s great joy was to prepare, share and indulge in the culinary arts, invite your family and guests to enjoy the warmth of this special kind of comfort food.

Send Off - Guests will arrive to the warm aromas of tasty home cooking.

Cuisine - What was your loved one’s absolute favourite? Celebrate the memories with food, feasting and fellowship, just like old times.

Memento - Take home a personalized keepsake, a copy of your loved one’s favourite recipe coupled with a spoon, oven mitt or apron.

Image for Time To Remember - Foodie
Music Lover - For the one who kept the beat

For your loved one, music meant everything. Celebrate their musical heart with a special tribute to their favourites.

Send Off - Fill the room with a joyful sound. Your loved one’s playlist is featured while DVDs run videos. For an extra special touch, choose a live performance.

Cuisine - Enjoy a delicious assortment of hot or cold appetizers and sweet treats.

Memento - Take home a CD or USB drive, personalized with your loved one’s favourite playlist or personal performances.

Image for Time To Remember - Music Lover
A Time to Remember: Custom
Funeral Planning

Many families even find a greater sense of connection and comfort through the very act of designing a customized ceremony to honour their loved ones. Take a look at the infographic below for an overview of how A Time to RememberTM works to inspire ideas, with Signature Sentiments or Personalized Packages that will make your event as unique as the individual.

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