Special Peace & Blessing Chinese Garden Phase 2 Promotion

Limited time opportunity to reserve the best locations

Act Now to Get 2018 Pricing!

Capital Funeral Home & Cemetery is excited to announce our Peace & Blessing Chinese Garden Phase 2 promotion.

To celebrate, we're offering you a chance to get 2018 prices and the opportunity to reserve premium spots - but only until January 31, 2019.* Plus, enjoy these interest-free terms:

  • Put 15 % down, get 12 months interest-free
  • Put 25% down, get 24 months interest-free
  • Put 35% down, get 48 months interest-free

To find out more, and reserve your special pricing, fill in the form below.

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首期25%, 24個月免息分期

首期35%, 48個月免息分期


Chinese Garden phase 2 at Capital Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home

Chinese Garden Phase 2 - Special Pricing

Take advantage of this limited time offer. Reserve your promotional pricing now by filling in the form at right or call Gable Fung or Rexan Wong:  613-701-1584.

不要錯過這個限時優惠活動。要預訂推廣優惠價格,請立即填寫右方的表格或致電Gable Fund或Rexan Wong(613-701-1584)。

* Capital Funeral Home & Cemetery is offering customers one last chance to get 2018 pricing on all products and services on the new Peace & Blessings Garden (the “Promotion”) from December 1, 2018. The Promotion is open to residents of Ontario that have reached the legal age of this province.  The Promotion details are as follows: 12 months interest-free for 15 % down, 24 months interest-free period for 25% down, 48 months interest-free for 35% down. The Promotion is governed by the applicable laws in Ontario and expires at midnight on January 31st, 2019.

安福園殯儀館和墓園為客戶提供最後一個機會,由2018年12月1日起,客戶可以以2018年定價購買全新安福園第二期的所有產品和服務(“推廣活動”)。本推廣活適用於已達到法定年齡的本省居民。推廣活動詳情如下:首期15%,12個月免息分期;首期25%, 24個月免息分期;首期35%, 48個月免息分期。推廣活動受安大略省適用法律管轄,並於2019年1月31日午夜到期。