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Sharing Life, Love and Final Planning: The George and Glenda Story

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Life at Arbor is all about stories - and this one delivers a powerful message.

You see, George and Glenda Czmola know quite a bit about the importance of family security.

George’s family barely escaped the ultimate persecution in Auschwitz during WWll. Fleeing to Belgium and later immigrating to Canada, George grew up with a heightened understanding of the unexpected challenges a family can face. So, he learned to plan and save, and worked many jobs to reduce as much future risk to his loved ones as possible. Serving as an orderly in the 1970s, he met Glenda, a nurse at Winnipeg’s Deer Lodge Hospital.

George soon discovered that Glenda was no stranger to hardship herself. Born in a Nova Scotia fishing village, her parents had never shielded her from life’s harsh realities. In fact, at the age of nine, she too had learned to embrace responsibility for self and others, working at the Fish Plant to help support her family.

Although they came from different histories, the events of their lives had lead them to the same conclusions about what matters most. In fact, the trials of the hospital, poverty, relocation, risk, duty and devotion to family had forged for them a set of principals and values that have guided them throughout their married life.

So, when George and Glenda discovered they could pre-plan their final arrangements, it’s little wonder they were eager to take advantage of such an opportunity.

They recognized how they could relieve a burden from the shoulders of their adult children. They could discuss their wishes, and take the responsibility of making their own choices. And they could clearly see substantial financial advantages.

“Pre-arranging at a hundred dollars a month is a little price for peace of mind at a time that could be very confusing,” George commented. “Things are done your way and the financial cost is prevented from escalating.”

Working closely with their pre-planning director at Glen Lawn Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home, they completed both their funeral and cemetery arrangements within their chosen budget and time frame, ensuring “no surprises” for their loved ones.

But this remarkable couple didn’t stop there.

Glenda and George were so convinced of the need, that they decided to start the pre-planning process for their children and their grandchildren, a generous and pragmatic gift of love. “You must prepare for the best and the worst,” they say. “We always talked to our children about death. Death is not a secret. It will happen.”

What George and Glenda recognize is that by taking control now and planning for the inevitable, you can spare your family from the emotional and financial strain of making arrangements for you at a time of crisis. You can eliminate any uncertainty about your wishes. They believe the earlier you plan, the more you save - and the better you can protect the ones you love. And they’re right.

“Taking care of your family is easy if you always prepare them for the reality of life.”

Words of wisdom from a couple who knows.

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