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A Day in the Life of a Funeral Director

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"It's about providing 360 degrees of service, and continuity for the family, start to finish..."

That’s what Adam McBrain of Arbor Memorial believes is the simplest description of a funeral director’s role. And as Arbor’s lead trainer of funeral directors, he ought to know.

The thing is, there’s actually nothing "simple" in his statement at all.

What this continuity of service entails, is a uniquely challenging balance of the practical, technical, emotional and creative skills required to meet the essential needs of a vastly varied Canadian human landscape. But what does this mean exactly?

Well, at the time of crisis, this includes the pressing matters involved with the respectful handling, preparation and legal administration of the deceased; a need common to everyone. However, when it comes to celebrating a life in a personally meaningful way, everyone’s needs are different. Arbor’s funeral directors must work closely and compassionately with each family to design services that reflect a singular personality and provide a deeper sense of connection for those in grief.

Death creates confusion. Vulnerability. From the first call, through to product selection, visitation, funeral and reception, cemetery or cremation services and AfterCare in the months that follow, there’s never any uncertainty about “what happens next” when there’s a funeral director at the helm.

"It's the mandate of a good funeral director to administer to the many moving parts with such attention to detail and knowledge, that the services are seamless. Communication is seamless," affirms Mr. McBrain. Everyone involved, including the family, staff, celebrants, religious institutions, cemetery, caterers and outside businesses, know the role they’re to play in completing services for the loved one.

So then, the funeral director is the ultimate go-to coordinator, providing your family with the greatest amount of control and comfort possible through some of the toughest days you’ll ever have to face.

In fact, to provide you even greater peace of mind, a funeral director can also help you make creative decisions about your own arrangements ahead of time. Pre-planning spares your family from the stress of indecision and ensures your plans are best suited for your faith, taste, personality, budget and ‘how you want to be remembered’. What’s more, with your funeral director’s guidance, you could even save thousands of dollars!

A funeral home may have one funeral director who performs all these functions, or have multiple funeral directors, each specializing in one aspect of the profession or another. Large or small, a funeral home holds a prominent place in the community it serves, and supportive outreach into that community is yet another facet of a funeral director’s life.

The infographic below illustrates more details about the evolving and personally rewarding world of a funeral director. Still curious? Simply give your local Arbor funeral directors a call and you’ll get the answers you need.

After all, helping families is at the very heart of their day. Every day.

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