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Snow Shovelling Safety Tips

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Snow shovelling safety tips


Whether you like it or hate it there’s no way around it - snow is a reality of northern life and clearing a path through the white stuff just goes with the territory.

The task may seem boring, but from a health and safety perspective, shovelling is potentially dangerous and should be taken seriously. Here are a few precautions that could help you make your way through the snow, without an added trip to the Emergency Room:

  • Shovelling is a workout. It makes sense to warm up your muscles before heading outside, and to stretch fully and carefully when you’re done. 
  • Bundle up. Dress in layers to provide warmth and flexibility. It’s Canada - wear a toque! Warming up gloves and boots beforehand can maintain your comfort level for longer periods.
  • Proceed with caution. Be careful not to twist your body which can result in back strain. Only lift as much snow as is comfortable at one time, and invest in a shovel with an ergonomic handle.

Remember that physical exertion in cold weather adds extra pressure on your heart, so work slowly with frequent rest breaks. If you are in a high risk group for heart attack, consider a snow removal service or call on the assistance of neighbours and local students.

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