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Taking Time Away from the Kids:
Single Parent Travel Tips

By Ann Bacciaglia, Guest Blogger

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Taking time away from the kids: Single parent travel tips


Ann Bacciaglia

Ann Bacciaglia


Being a single parent is a tough job. The role of being a parent lands solely on your shoulders as you don’t have a partner to help you with parenting or household chores. Sometimes you need a break and some time away. I know I do!

Every summer I like to go away for a few days with friends. The getaway gives me a chance to relax, reflect and recharge. This is something I need to do at least once a year. When my kids were younger, a family member would stay with them. Now that my kids are older, they stay home alone.

Here are a few single parent travel tips you should consider before you go away on vacation without the kids:

  1. Write down and share your travel plans. I always tell my family where I will be, provide contact information for the hotel, and outline my itinerary during my trip. Your family needs to know how to reach you in case of emergency. This is vital if you are a single parent travelling alone.

  2. Write your guardianship wishes down. If you have young children and something happens to you, do you have a plan for who will become guardians of your children? Make sure your wishes are in writing and you have discussed them with the guardians. Don’t assume that everything will work out. I cannot stress this enough: you need to have a plan in writing.

  3. Tell people where your will is located. If something happens to you, people may not have a clue where you put your important papers. Consider sharing the location of your will with at least two people you trust.

I am always shocked when I speak to people and they don’t do any of the steps above, especially single parents. No one likes to think about something happening when you are on vacation, but you need to be prepared. Taking these steps now will help you have a relaxing, worry-free vacation.

Ann is a widow and single mom. She is learning how to live chapter 2 of her life and is sharing her journey on her blog, Kickass Living.

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