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Picture Frame Tray

Memorializing Collections – Janette Ewen’s DIY Steps

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Picture frame tray


You will need:

  • 1 medium size picture frame with glass
  • 2 decorative drawer pulls
  • matte material
  • scrapbook items
  • drill and assorted drill bits
  • small bolt cutters, metal saw, or cut-off disc
  • measuring tape
  • hammer
  • epoxy or industrial strength adhesive (optional)


  1. Remove glass and backing from picture frame, and measure thickness of frame where you want handles.

  2. Trim mounting studs on back of pulls to be a little less than frame thickness.

  3. Using the trimmed studs on the back of drawer pull, mark where to drill holes in the side of frame. Use a tape measure to center.

  4. Carefully drill holes in frame the same diameter or slightly larger than the mounting studs. (Tip: use tape around drill bit to ensure you don’t drill all the way through.)

  5. Using a hammer, gently tap the studs into the holes, alternating from one to the other until the pull is seated flush against the frame. (You should have a snug fit, but if not you can use epoxy or industrial strength adhesive in the holes, and let fully cure before using.)

  6. Reassemble frame with backing, glass, and your collage.

Download the Picture Frame Serving Tray instructions in PDF format

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