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Family Tree Cloche

Memorializing Collections – Janette Ewen’s DIY Steps

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Family tree cloche


You will need:

  • 1 large glass cloche with base
  • small tree branch (or wire coat hanger and raffia)
  • scrapbook items
  • drill and assorted drill bits
  • assorted screws


  1. If you have a small tree branch that fits inside your cloche, simply drill a small hole in the center of the cloche base, and screw into the base of the branch from the bottom side. (Use a countersinking head screw so the base remains flat.)

  2. If you don’t have a branch, it’s pretty easy to make one out of a wire coat hanger. Simply straighten the coat hanger, and then twist it around itself, making “branches” in different directions. Then wrap your “tree” in raffia. Start with a small loop as the base of your wire tree, and twist up from there. This loop will be used to screw the tree to center of the cloche base. (Use a “button” or “pan” head screw that it is not so long it will go all the way through the base.)

  3. Attach scrapbook items to “tree” with fine wire, thread, or tiny clothes pins.

  4. Make sure all your items fit inside with the cloche in place, then display!

Download the Family Tree Cloche instructions in PDF format

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