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Table for One

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Table for One


At certain stages in life, many of us find ourselves suddenly on our own. Kids leaving home, a change in a relationship or the passing of a spouse can leave us sitting solo at the family table. It’s all too easy during this time of adjustment to resort to tea and toast or a chemical-laden microwave dinner when it comes to mealtimes. But it’s important to stay well nourished - especially in periods of emotional strain. There are many ways to help yourself avoid choosing those cookies for dinner.

Invite a friend over for a fun evening of cooking and tasting - and make enough to freeze meals for the following week. (Check the Internet for “freezer-friendly meals”.) Add extra nutrition anywhere you can. Even a simple pasta can be made healthier by adding olive oil, chopped spinach and ground turkey to the sauce.

When shopping, take special care to fill your cart with more wholesome choices. Include a pre-roasted chicken, whole grain bread and a bag of peeled baby carrots for simple lunches. For breakfast, it’s easy to toss a couple of eggs into a pan. Even if you’re not an experienced cook, the most nourishing meals are often the easiest to prepare, and there is ample assistance at the bookstore, on the Internet or by asking a loved one.

The most important thing is simply to remember: it’s time to eat!

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