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You’re Never Too Old for New Friends

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You're never too told for new friends


The older we get, the harder it can be to make new friends. This is especially true when we enter a new stage in life, such as retirement or losing a long-term partner. But it’s important to connect with others. According to recent research, having a network of friends is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health, self-esteem, and even your longevity. Here are some ways to meet new people:

Accept invitations
You may not be interested in the event itself, but just getting out there increases your chances of meeting new people you like.

Take a continuing education course
Many universities and community colleges offer special seniors’ discounts and classes. You will learn something new and get to mingle with others who share your interests.

Volunteer or get a part-time job
You’ll do some good - or make some money – while building new relationships.

Consider getting a dog
You will be sure to meet other dog “parents” at the local dog park, and daily walks provide excellent exercise.

Explore the world of social media
Setting up a Facebook account makes it easy to get in touch with people from your past, and to connect with friends of friends.

Check out Meetup.com and EventBrite.com
With thousands of group activities and events in virtually every city and town in North America, these websites are a great place to find an activity that interests you, and other people to share it with.

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