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Having the Talk

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Talking to your parents about their final arrangements can be a tough conversation. But a good place to start is explaining that pre-planning means that they can have their funeral exactly as they wish.

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Having the Talk

When you were a teenager your parents had to have a few awkward  talks with you.

You may not have appreciated them then but now you realize how important those discussions were.

Well, the time may have come to have another awkward talk with your parents. Except this time it's not about you - it's about them. Specifically about their final arrangements.

Odds are something will happen to remind you of your parent's mortality.

Maybe the death of a relative or a scene in a movie. That's when you'll be motivated to start the conversation.

The subject can be tricky so pick the right time. And it may take a couple of tries.

You could ease your way in by mentioning a recent event.

Then you can ask: “Mom, Dad-have you given any thought to your final arrangements?"

They may say something like: "Are you trying to get rid of us?"

You can explain that  pre-planning means your parents know their final ceremony will go exactly as they would wish, spares the family the stress of having to agree on important decisions, and removes a financial burden from offspring who are often struggling to keep up with everyday expenses.

It is necessary to document your conversations because not all family members will be present when decisions are made.

You don't have to rush this talk but you shouldn't wait until it's too late either.

Because pre-planning will just make life-and death-easier for everyone.

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